Telewest Broadband have announced ahead of the start of Microsoft's X02 event in Seville, that they are an official broadband network partner for the European launch of Xbox Live, and have revealed launch pricing and the exact date the service will go live.

The Xbox Live gaming network will launch on 14 March 2003, a year after the launch of the console in Europe, and will require a starter kit to get you going, which will retail at around 39.99. Inside the pack you'll get the Xbox Communicator kit, subscription to the Xbox Live network, and two free online titles to give you a taste of the online gaming that Xbox offers.

Consumer beta tests of Xbox Live are set to take place with 3,000 gamers in the UK, France and Germany from 30th October, with an open beta test scheme launching on November 30th.

More details are to be confirmed during the X02 event in Seville, which starts later today, and as soon as we hear any more, we'll let you know.

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