London has been confirmed as one of the cities for Project Gotham Racing 3, with it making a return to the game after it made way for Scotland's captial city Edinburgh in PGR2.

Project Gotham Racing 3 - London, Charing Cross

The city was revealed in a screenshot released to the press at Microsoft's X05 event in Amsterdam tonight, and shows Charing Cross Station in the background, meaning part of the London circuit races alongside the river Thames using the Victoria Embankment, past the London Eye towards Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament at Westminster.

Other locations believed to be included in the Xbox 360 racer include New York (which featured in the first PGR), Tokyo and Las Vegas. Age old favourite Nurburgring makes a return as the token real race track, having established itself as the circuit which simply has to appear in racing games during recent years due to it's notorious corners and lengthy lap-times.

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