Yes you read the headline correctly, Xbox 2... Or to be more precise Xbox is two years old today.

The American launch of Xbox on November 15th 2001 at Toys R Us in New York - Image courtesy of

Other than rumours over the past couple of weeks with gamers expecting some sort of huge Halo 2 announcement, Xbox's second birthday has been very low-key, with no annoucements of any form from Microsoft over in America that we've heard of, not even a mention of the fact that the machine is two years old on the official website.

In fact the only notable event which appears to have happened for American Xbox owners is that their first year subscription to Xbox Live has needed renewal at $49.99, if they took up the service when it launched a year ago on Xbox's first anniversary.

To say that today has been disappointing for Xbox fans is somewhat of an understatement, a quick glance over the official forums shows quite a number of angered Xbox owners asking why the promised announcement hasn't happened. But then, was an announcement ever promised in the first place...?

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