Yet another leak of Xbox 360 information has taken place, this time with pages from a Danish magazine appearing online just a matter of hours before the official announcement is due to be broadcast around the world on MTV.

The scanned pages from the Game Reactor article appeared in a news story earlier this evening on, Xbox Scene and Xbox Front, and have since blazed their way around the internet at a similar rate to the leaked blurry photos which were said to have been taken during the MTV Xbox party filming in Los Angeles last week.

Specification of the machine are confirmed in the article, and include three IBM Power PC CPU's running at 3.2Ghz each, alongside 512MB of memory, and a specially built ATI graphics system which has a 10Mb frontbuffer, all of which allows for an impressive 500 million polygons per second.

A 20GB hard disk is listed, as is a 12 speed double-layer DVD drive, although it's not clear if this is just a reader or a re-writer as was speculated earlier in the week. The disc format details however would tend to suggest that DVD+R/RW discs will be supported, suggesting that a DVD burner is built in to the Xbox 360.

The console will feature three USB ports, and have built in 802.11 wifi wireless networking meaning you can connect wirelessly to Xbox Live via your broadband connection, whilst an ethernet port is also there for standard wired network use. Control pads on the Xbox 360 will also feature wireless connectivity, whilst an EyeToy-style camera which made an appearance in the leaked photos earlier this week is said to have a 1 megapixel resolution.

Finally details of some next-generation games are also listed including Dimitri, Gears of War, Project Gotham Racing 3, Halo 3, Elder Scrolls IV, Call of Duty 2, Rallisport Challenge 3, Test Drive: Unlimited and Ghost Recon 3 - of which there are several screenshots showing off the high-definition widescreen graphics which Microsoft's Xbox 360 makes possible.

It's not really too clear what else there is for Microsoft to reveal in their show on MTV in America tonight and in the UK at 8pm on Friday, although as yet the price and release date (thought to be November) is still unconfirmed, and is possibly the information which gamers are wanting to know the most.

Update: OurColony rewards gamers with Xbox 360 video!

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