Microsoft have announced that Xbox 360 owners have made in excess of 10 million downloads from the Xbox Live Marketplace, and have also confirmed some of the forthcoming downloads including new cars and achievements for PGR3.


The figure is said to have been reached in a quicker time than Apple's iTunes music store managed, and is due to more than 85% of all Xbox 360's connected via Xbox Live having downloaded at least one piece of content since launch last November, including themes and picture packs, game demos, film trailers or full Live Arcade titles such as Marble Blast Ultra and Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved.

New Xbox Live Arcade titles due to be available during Spring include a full free version of Texas Hold 'Em Poker by Riverbelle casino, the card game Uno, and Capcom's arcade classic Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting - complete with online Quarter Match multiplayer mode.

Microsoft's three launch titles have also got new content set to be available for download during the coming months, with new cars and achievements promised for Project Gotham Racing 3 (possibly explaining why only 900 points were available on the gamerscore instead of 1000 like most other games) whilst Perfect Dark Zero will get new multiplayer maps and Kameo: Elements of Power will receive new online co-operative gameplay options and costumes for the characters.

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