Full details of the Xbox 360 peripherals have been released by Microsoft, providing information about the fascias, memory unit, remote control, two types of game controller, and much more besides.

One of the most talked about aspects of the Xbox 360 during the past few weeks has been the design, and the fact that you can change the fascia, and easy switchable "faces" will be made by Microsoft - including some limited edition designs which are specific to individual games such as Halo 3.

A 64MB memory unit can be slotted in to one of the two ports on the front of the console, and allows in-game achievements and unique gamer profiles to be saved to it.

Digital entertainment is also key to the Xbox 360 and the Universal Media Remote will be able to play DVD movies and music, as well as controlling your TV, and basic control of the Xbox itself with the ABXY buttons.

A backlit keypad will make the remote useable even in the dark, and the Xbox Guide button will be available at the top of the remote to get straight in to the Xbox Guide which seems to be the hub of all things Xbox - games, music, video chat, profiles, you name it.

Xbox Live specific peripherals include the Xbox Live Camera which supports up to 640x480 resolution video at up to 30fps and can take 1.3-megapixel still images, and also includes a built-in microphone.

The camera will allow your face to be imported in to games so as it can be included on player characters, and also for use on the Xbox 360 Guide gamer card profile.

A headset will be available as it is currently, and appears to be similar if not the same as the current unit, and will plug in to either the wired or wireless Xbox 360 controller.

Two forms of controller will be available - a wired version based on the Xbox Controller S and having a 9-foot lead, or the wireless pad which requires two AA batteries and has a range of 30 foot from the console using the built-in 2.4Ghz wireless radio system.

Both pads will feature the Xbox Guide button, two analogue triggers, six analogue buttons, two vibration motors, an eight-way directional pad, and two new shoulder buttons which are the former Black and White buttons which used to be on the face of the Xbox pad.

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