Microsoft have today issued a press release, highlighting the benefits of the smaller Controller S over the standard pad, suggesting they'll be available for sale in Europe.

controller s

The company say that "Controller S allows gamers to choose the controller most comfortable to them", and the pad was recently announced for America after feedback from gamers suggested that they would like a smaller pad.

Differences between the standard pad, and the Controller S include the fact that it's smaller, proves more comfortable during extended periods of play, has the 4 main colour buttons (a,b,x,y) placed in a more traditional cross formation.

Secondary buttons, along with the start and back buttons have been moved to the lower half of the pad, and both the d-pad and thumbsticks have had improvements carried out to them, including new surfaces, and improved directional movement on the d-pad.

Pricing and availability of the Controller S in the UK hasn't been announced, but the press release would suggest that the new pad isn't too far off.