According to a report on the Official Xbox Magazine website, Microsoft have today announced that five titles will be playable online at the launch of Xbox's online games service.

The network, to be named Xbox Live, will have MechAssault, Whacked!, Unreal Championship, Ghost Recon and NFL Fever all playable when the system "goes live" at the end of this year.

All but NFL Fever are expected to be available for the European launch of the network, which seems likely to launch at the same time as the American Xbox Live system.

Speaking in an interview with OXM UK, Microsoft's Steve Fowler said that MechAssult will feature full support for the voice commander, and will come with software which can alter the sound and pitch of your voice, along with full team play for up to 16 players.

Full details of the Xbox Live broadband gaming network are still to be announced, but it seems pretty likely that Microsoft will shed more light on the specific details at E3 next month.

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