A lack of information about Xbox 2 at the Consumer Electronics Show seems to have sent some gaming sites in to a whirlwind of rumours, with snippets of information about a possible Xbox Live price rise.

It's claimed that the 39.99 yearly fee may rise to around 65 in the future giving access to extra online features, whilst the current 39.99 pricing will be retained and somewhat expensive 3.99 "daily play" option launch in an effort to give less regular gamers the chance to sample the service occasionally.

Further service specific prices include the ability to change Gamertag for 2.50, 1gb of online storage for a fairly hefty 4, and access to new or beta titles at 10 for a months worth of play.

Maps, upgrades and even a file sharing service where items such as weapons and vehicles could be swapped between users are all said to be considered for a future upgrade, whilst a further 3 may allow access to premium servers.

It should be noted none of the claimed changes have officially been confirmed by Microsoft, and they do in our opinion seem somewhat unlikely in many respects - especially charging 3.50 to enable a file-sharing ability between users when there isn't currently much data to be shared. However the addition of extra functionality and premium services certainly seems likely once Xbox 2 finally becomes reality.

As soon as we get official confirmation or denial we'll let you know, here on GamesPaper.