Codemasters have today announced that they're bringing a version of their top selling PC Cold War simulator, Operation Flashpoint, to the Xbox.

The Xbox version of the game is being developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio, who were responsible for the million-selling PC version, and will also feature an additional prequel campaign called Resistance

Set to feature more detail and interaction than the already fantastic PC version, Operation Flashpoint will also feature a fourth island, known as Nogova, which sees you playing as Victor Troska, who has his idyllic dreams destroyed by the Soviet Forces as they invade the island.

Troska shows great reluctance to the conflict, but is soon forced to take part and eventually lead the forces, which he had previously turned his back on years before, providing a resistance force against the US Army, but only being limited to very basic weaponry made from equipment scavenged from what ever can be found on the island.

Each of the areas are "go anywhere", and you're not fixed to specific areas, either on foot, in cars and tanks, or helicopters, playing as both civilian and military characters.

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is expected to launch it's attack on the Xbox this winter.

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