Microsoft have issued a further safety recall on Xbox consoles, after finding that more recently manufacturered machines also suffer from the power cable issue which was causing a burning or melting of the powercord.

Previously Microsoft had stated that fewer than 1 in 10,000 consoles were affected by the problem, but had been replacing the powerleads on all machines built during a set period. They have now advised customers that all machines built before January 14th 2005 may need their power lead replaced.

The letter sent to registered owners comes as a "Second Notice" and provides updated advice, telling owners that they should visit the Xbox website where the serial number can be checked to see if a free replacement lead needs to be ordered, or by calling Xbox support on freephone 0800 0289276.

As with the original safety recall, customers are advised to turn off the Xbox console when it's not in use, so as to protect from the risk of the component failure and potential fire hazard.

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