Microsoft have revealed what their console's control system will look like - and it's all very green.


In a feature on the Xbox website, Jeff Henshaw, Executive Producer XDK, has given an insight into why it looks the way it does, and a rundown of some features which they have included.

Apparently it's been made to offer hardcore gamers the "hardcore experience for those few times when you aren't in a game", and based on the fact that many people who saw this in operation at E3 thought that it was some snazzy marketing video, and not actually the console's settings and controls section, it sounds as if it's all something very special indeed.

screen screen

Another feature of the dashboard will be that gamers can create their own personalised soundtracks to games, from cd's, and then choose which games you want to use your own soundtrack whilst you play.

Until we actually get to play around with it, we'll reserve judgement on the fact that it all seems a strange shade of green - it'll probably grow on us before long, and who knows maybe you'll be able to skin it to your favourite colour scheme like winamp, or even maybe import your own wallpaper into the background..