Microsoft have revealed the latest in their line-up for the Xbox, in the form of Whacked.


The game revolves around furious and wacky combat between eight "demented contestants", who are taking part in the world's most irreverent and dangerous game show - sounds odd, looks odd - we reckon it will be very odd.

Contestants can pick from more than 40 weapons such as giant staplers, pitchforks, and rubber ducky grenades in an attempt to flatten their opponents and win the grand prize.

screen screen

Several gameplay modes will be available, including Combat, Chicken, King of the Hill, Grab 'n' Run, Fragfest and Dodgeball, with the action taking place across levels such as an arctic pipeline, under a Christmas tree, and in a kitchen sink.

Xbox's around the world will be getting Whacked when the game gets Whacked in to all good game retailers in time for Christmas 2002.