Yesterday we reported on how the Xbox was changing colour in the UK from black to translucent green, and today it seems Microsoft wants to see the console mutate further, by becoming smaller - by now including only the Controller S with the console instead of the original sized joypad.

Controller S joypad

Microsoft released the Controller S last year after feedback from gamers in America suggested that a smaller pad would be a good addition to the range - sentiments which were soon echoed by gamers in Europe, where the general feeling was that the standard pad was that bit too large when compared with other consoles pads, especially if you've got small hands.

Talking about the reason for Microsoft switching to the Controller S with all new console sales, Xbox's Senior Director Michel Cassius said "The majority of gamers preferred Controller S to the original Xbox controller, and we saw an opportunity to further improve the Xbox offering to new gamers".

A number of other improvements are also included in the smaller Controller S, including the black and white Secondary Buttons being moved to a position below the main buttons, improved D-pad and Thumbstick surfaces, and the moving of the Start and Back buttons from the middle to the far left of the pad.

It's not known when the first hardware units packaged with the Controller S will hit the shelves of retailers in the UK, so if you want one it might be wise to not rush out just yet as you'll probably end up with older stock which has the standard pad, but if you really can't wait then you could always ask your local shop if you could check the pad before buying, or why not treat yourself to the limited edition green Xbox when it's released in the UK on May 2nd, which comes with two translucent green Controller S pads, which you can pre-order from now.

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