Microsoft have today announced that a limited edition translucent green Xbox is due to hit the shelves of UK retailers in May.

The special pack will feature not only a limited edition clear green Xbox console, but also two translucent green controllers. The news comes less than two weeks after Microsoft announced they were cutting the retail price of the standard Xbox to only 129.99 across Europe.

Xbox's Michel Cassius commented "The 'Xbox-green' is instantly recognisable and by making the Xbox this translucent green we have, we believe, created a console that anyone would be proud to show off in the home. It is a 'must-have' for Xbox fans across Europe who are keen to show their commitment to the future of gaming and who want something a little bit different".

The limited edition console is expected to retail for 149.99 when it goes on sale on May 2nd - a day before Nintendo's limited edition platinum coloured Zelda Gamecube pak launches.

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