First screens of Xbox exclusive Blinx: The Time Sweeper have surfaced, prior to the official announcement which is to be made at E3 later this week.


The game has been under development by ex-Sonic Team creators, who were the masterminds behind Sonic and NiGHTS, and also the producer of the Shenmue series.

Gameplay is said to revolve around a feline friend called Blinx, who is a Lynx cat, has a vacuum cleaner, and even has Xbox style green eyes, which in some screenshots look quite menacing.

screen screen

Specific gameplay details are not yet know, but it seems that Blinx makes use of space on the Xbox hard drive to record your moves, and as soon as you die, you'll get taken back in time, like a videotape being rewound, seeing everything being played backwards until you return to the last point that you had reached.

If this doesn't sound cool enough, then Blinx has some extra tricks tucked up it's sleeve, including you being able to pause time, and move both forwards and backwards in time, totally changing the outcome of the game, meaning you can jump on to a falling object, and then rewind time, to make the object, and you, go upwards in the air - and as a certain magician used to say "that's magic".


As you'd expect from a Sonic Team title, Blinx is visually stunning, and seems to ooze with style and top quality graphics which appear to use the Xbox to full effect, especially when it comes to this revolutionary use of the hard drive, which really shows why a hard drive is essential in the Xbox.

More details of Blinx will be announced later this week at E3, and as soon as we know, we'll let you know.