It'd appear that you'll soon be able to pick up and Xbox and two top Sega games, as part of a new bundle which is set to retail for an amazingly cheap 160.

Xbox console bundle

The bundle, which sees Sega GT 2002 and Jet Set Radio Future added to the standard Xbox console and controller package retailing at only 160 - that's saving somewhere in the region of 230 on the total price if you'd have bought the console and games at their full launch prices.

Microsoft only recently cut the price of the Xbox to 159.99 after Sony cut the price of the rival PlayStation 2 to 169.99 just days before ECTS last month.

So far we've not been able to find any retailers who list the product on their websites, with most still charging 249 for their two-game bundles, but you should see the GT2002/JSRF pack appearing in shops before December.

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