One of the games which caused a stir on the Xbox at E3 was that of Unreal Championship - However demonstrations of the game were shown behind closed doors, and developer Digital Extremes have given us details of what to expect from the title.


The game is a follow up to the popular PC title Unreal Tournament, but will have a number of new features including all new characters and weapons, vehicles, and new gameplay modes inlucding more than 30 new location maps to play.

Graphics appear to be highly detailed, and special effects including wind affected smoke are set to bring a new level of detail to the title.

screen screen

An enhanced single player mode is also expected, along with the uperb multiplayer, which will be also be available as split-screen 4 player, or network based using the Xbox's broadband internet connection.

Unreal Championship is being developed exclusively for the Xbox, and is due for release by Infogrames in early 2002.