Rumours appear to be flying this morning, after reports on the internet late last night suggested that the Xbox online gaming may be pay-per-play - with Microsoft getting all the money.

According to a report on, the pay-per-play rumours were kicked off after a press release was issued by Infogrames, about their Unreal Championship title.

Confusion started when the press release stated that gamers would be able to play Unreal Championship online "subject to subscription fees".

Here at GamesPaper, we consider that it probably meant that gamers would be able to play online, subject to any subscription fees that might be charged - but as Microsoft is yet to announce how Xbox's broadband network will work, yet alone any charges, it seems that it was purely Infogrames covering themselves, and not slipping up with a hint of possible pay-per-play access charges.

Neither Microsoft of Infogrames wish to comment on the matter, with Microsoft saying that until they decide on their plan for Xbox's Broadband network, there will be no comment made. Somewhat firing the rumour merchants even more.

Xbox is due to offer broadband gaming later this year, with a world-wide launch of the system expected by Christmas, although many industry sources feel that Europe may launch later than America and Japan where the take up of high speed digital subscriber lines is much higher.

The only official word that we have from Microsoft about Xbox's Broadband in Europe is that it's "targeted for release in select European countries for holiday this year" and that "we will only launch in Europe when we think we have the best content for the user and can ensure a great gaming experience. We will announce specific timing and countries later this year".

It seems likely that Europe won't follow the same pricing structure as America, as the two markets are very different. As soon as we know any more, and these very confusing rumours become clearer, we'll let you know.