Microsoft have announced this afternoon that Xbox exclusive Forza Motorsport will now be released in 2005, missing it's original pre-Christmas release date.


Many retailers including Amazon had been listing November 26th for the UK release date, and even the official game pages on the Xbox UK website are still showing Winter 2004, however Microsoft have confirmed that the game will not appear until February 2005.

GamesPaper got hands-on experience of Forza at Game Stars Live in London last month, and we were impressed by the early code which was on show, especially the damage model which features carbon fibre bodyshells which rip and crack as other cars collide with yours.

Forza Motorsport will feature both an offline and online career mode, where you can race tuned up cars against either AI or human players, and the ability to trade your cars with other gamers over the Xbox Live service.

The game is also said to feature "more than 1,700 leader boards", all of which seamlessly integrate into the single player experience and give players a chance to still record fast times even when not playing the online mode.

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