Microsoft's Sega Christmas Pack has been confirmed for Europe, with a release date of tomorrow, November 1st.

xbox xmas limited edition bundle

As we reported recently, the limited edition pack will feature two free Sega titles, in the form of Jet Set Radio Future and Sega GT 2002, with an RRP of 159.99, meaning you're getting some 80's worth of games thrown in for free.

"We're committed to providing best value for our consumers as often as we can, and the Sega Christmas Pack from Xbox is an exceptional example. Xbox has always been amazing value for money and now with this offer it is even more so" said a jolly Sandy Duncan, VP of Xbox Europe as he strung tinsel around his Christmas Tree.

A number of high street retailers are said to have had stock of the special pack for a number of days now ready for the November 1st release date, and Amazon UK are listing the Sega GT 2002/JSRF bundle for an even cheaper price, of only 152.99 (plus delivery).