Electrical retailer Comet appear to have slashed the price of the Xbox, to an amazingly low 128.89.

Comet are listing the Xbox console at the impressively low price on their website, under product code 805913 (update: The product page is randomly loading with an error, but if you look for xbox xbox on their search tool you'll see it listed), and at the time of writing is said to be available within 5 days.

It's not known if this offer is also available in store as well, or online only, but all of their Xbox bundles also seem to have been reduced in price, such as the Halo and extra official controller bundle which is listed at 170.91 - you'll also notice that the Console on it's own is listed on the bundle pages at the 128.89 price, instead of the current RRP of 159.99 set by Microsoft only last month.

Other retailers that we checked appear to have the same prices as before, although Amazon have an Xbox and extra official pad with free copy Dead of Alive III, which is currently listed at 174.98, and dispatched within 24 hours.

If you've been wanting to pick up an Xbox, then now seems the time to get one before the Christmas rush, although with the 160 Euro bundle set to find it's way in to stores during November, Xbox's price may fall further yet before Christmas.