Xbox turned two years old in the UK and across Europe today, and it just happens to be the same weekend that GamesPaper adds another year to it's tally and becomes three years old.

Birthday Cake

The past year has seen a number of new features on GamesPaper, including live reporting direct from the ECTS trade show last August - a feature which we hope to bring back this year bigger and better than before, with more photos direct from the show floor posted within minutes of them being taken, plus a few other extras which will make our coverage of ECTS essential viewing.

Other recent additions to the site within the past few months have included the Downloads page in our broadband section, along with a Game Servers page listing a selection of free servers at PlayZen - an up and coming online gaming service from Manchester based ISP Zen.

There's a lot planned for the site including the launch of a new Game Info section which will contain up-to-the-minute details of every current game available. We're also hoping to turn the way of reporting sales charts on their head, as we'll be providing real-time sales trends and hopefully predicting next week's chart toppers in the process - all whilst other sites that only carry the "official" sales chart are simply reporting last weeks news...

During the next couple of months we'll have coverage of the E3 Expo on GamesPaper, where we're expecting major announcements about both Sony and Microsoft's next consoles, the first full showing of what Sony's PlayStation Portable has to offer, and also Nintendo's exciting handheld DualScreen device. In the meantime we're off to fill our faces with Birthday Cake, Jelly and Iced Gems - Happy Birthday to us!

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