Milton Keynes based developer Deep Red have given us access to the latest preview build of their forthcoming game Tycoon City: New York, ahead of a demo version which is set to be made available later this week.


"Instantly amazed" would be the best way to describe our first time playing Tycoon City: New York, and even after several hours of intensive play the novelty value of the huge city landscape - with moving road traffic and people talking as they walk along the sidewalks - certainly isn't wearing thin.

Thankfully control of individual aspects such as item pricing like you might find in some other tycoon-style games is done away with in Tycoon City, and instead you get to focus completely on building the vast Manhattan Island - placing down homes, offices, shops, restaurants, sporting venues and tourist attractions, to name just a few.


A number of opportunities are made available throughout the game, and as you achieve them they are broadcast on "TC News 24" by Darlene Delaney, who reports live from events such as a party in the park or interviewing people who took part in a parade through the city.

To become wealthy you have to get the virtual citizens spending cash in your businesses, and do so by making the properties attractive to them by upgrading buildings with signage, lighting, entrance canopies, outdoor seating for restaurants, hanging baskets outside of hotels - anything that makes your businesses stand out from the crowd more than that of rival tycoons who are all competing for the same cash.


Tycoon City: New York is due for release by Atari on February 24th and we'll have a full hands-on preview soon, here on GamesPaper.

Tycoon City New York demo is available now, from Atari's UK website.

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