Videos of Zelda and Mario on the GameCube have appeared across the internet, taken by people attending the Spaceworld show, and have left many Zelda fans in a state of shock.

What's been revealed is that the graphics for the next Zelda title are going to make use of Cel Shading, as seen in titles such as Jet Set Radio, but many early comments about the graphics are that it now looks "too cutesey and aimed at children".


Until the game is actually playable it's hard to say if the change from early screens which were shown some months ago to the Cel Shading method is going to loose the appeal, or if it's just a progression in to a different style which Zelda fans will come to love.

A more grown up version of Link was expected, so the change to a cute cartoon style is somewhat of a shocker, but after watching the movie several times it's quite clear to see that it's going to be really impressive when played.


Meanwhile, Mario Sunshine appears to be pretty much like Mario 64, with improved visuals due to the extra power of the GameCube. A number of gameplay enhancements are also going to be included - all of which are a secret at the moment, and look to stay secret right up until the nearer the release date, which is Summer 2002.

We're hoping that some better screens will become available over the next few days, and you'll get to read all about the big Spaceworld stories here, at GamesPaper.