Microsoft's Xbox 360 console has finally gone on sale today, with the American launch seeing a number of stores opening specially at midnight to welcome crowds of gamers all eager to get a piece of next-generation gaming.

Some gamers are reported to have been in queues "right around the block" for more than 24 hours at larger electronics retailers, although even then they didn't always find enough stock, with forums on the website buzzing about shortages in both consoles and accessories, mainly for gamers who didn't pre-order.

Yesterday a pre-launch Zero Hour party in the middle of the Mojave Desert had seen Microsoft give over 3000 gamers a chance to play on Xbox 360's during the day leading up to the midnight launch, before getting the opportunity to buy the new console - straight off the back of a truck - in a make-shift Best Buy store set up for the event.

European shortage worries
With only a few days left until the European launch on December 2nd, British gamers are still being faced with uncertainty as to if stock levels will be sufficient. A number of retailers are claiming they've simply not got enough allocated to them to meet pre-orders by Christmas, yet alone the launch day itself.

Chances are you'll not have to wait as long as Australian gamers though, who have been told today that they'll finally be able to pick up an Xbox 360 when it launches next Spring. Their Xbox 360 Core package will be priced at $499.95 and the full Premium package will be $649.95 when they're released on March 2nd 2006.

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