Cryo have announced that they are bringing The Shadow of Zorro to the PC and PlayStation 2, in a deal which will see games based on the heroic Zorro over the next five years.


The game follows a brave and romantic Zorro in the very first game to be made about the character since his creation in 1919.

Gameplay revolves around the arrival of a new police chief who has arrived in Los Angeles from the port of San Pedro. However Don Alejandro feels that he recognises the person who is being introduced as Captain Montero.

In a violent flash-back, he relives a painful episode from the past, where Don Alejandro almost died under the sword of Capitan Montero during the Peninsular War with Napoleonic France.

Zorro's suspicions about the alleged Capitan Montero being reinforced by the hour, and as a result Don Diego is convinced that something is amiss with the new Captain.

screen screen

Set in the style of the original TV series and comic book, the 3D-stealth/adventure game features 700 scenes which have been fully animated in motion capture, set in 28 different locations. There's also a blend of fighting styles which become progressively harder the further into the game you get.

The Shadow of Zorro is published by Acclaim, and will be released on the PC on 23rd November priced at 29.99, and the PS2 version on December 7th, priced at 39.99.