Stunt GP sees high-octane action brought to the Dreamcast, courtesy of Team17, the people who made the hugely popular Worms series of games.

Gameplay is centred around a selction of well designed gravity-defying courses, and a number of souped up remote-controlled toy vehicles, ranging from sports buggys to off-roaders and vans.


The whole game is packed with added features, such as organised events, upgrades, accessories and optional extras. You also get to customise your vehicles with thousands of different combinations of upgrades to glean that last bit of speed, power or ability to pull those all important stunts.

The better you get, the more you get rewarded, and you are given "Aeromiles", which can be used to enhance the car's performance.

screen screen

Racing involves 16 pacey Stunt GP vehicles, from the three categories of Wild Wheels, Speed Demon or Aeroblaster.

There's also a good range of tracks to keep the lastability up, 24 in total, each with their own special mixture of twists, turns, corkscrews, ramps, hairpin bends, and tunnels.

Play modes include Arcade, Exhibition, Championship and Time Trial modes, and you can also play up to 3 other friends head-to-head in split screen mode.

screen screen

Stunt GP is due for release on April 27th, and will have an RRP of 19.99 - an absoloute bargain, from what we have seen of the game so far!

For further information about Stunt GP, you can check out the official Stunt GP website, and you can buy a copy from now.

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