The little green plastic men are making their way onto Nintendo's new Game Boy Advance, and look set to be packed with explosive action.

screen screen

From the screens of Army Men Advance which we've seen so far, it looks like the GBA is an ideal machine for the Army Men series, with nice rich colours, and good level of cartoon style detail in the landscape and characters.

Gameplay follows on from the rest of the series of Army Men titles, and you get to play as either Sarge or Vikki, in the ongoing battle between the Green army and Plastro's Tan army.

screen screen

Action takes place between real world locations and plastic world, so you will be fighting in a cross between war locations, or on the kitchen sink, across 17 environments and sub levels.

The usual array of weapons are available, and you can also control, or destroy, vehicles such as tanks and boats.

Army Men Advance for the Game Boy Advance is due for release on June 22nd, and will be published by 3DO.