Baseball isn't particularly all that popular in the UK, where as over in America they love the sport - maybe it's popularity will grow though when it goes for a home run on to the GBA this July.

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Taking to the pitch, in either a single game, exhibition, or an entire season, you should soon get the hang of how to play Baseball, and if you simply want to whack the ball as hard as possible, then there's the Homerun Derby to keep you occupied - and if you feel in need of a bit of real practice, there's an option for that too.

The game sports the Official Major League Baseball and Major League Baseball Players Association licences, and appears to be pretty slick, with some high quality menu screens, and a pretty impressive 3D style to the in-game sections.

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There are 30 Major League Baseball teams to play with, and it's complete with the full 2001 player rosters, which will be a huge bonus to fans of Major League Baseball. There are also nine different types of pitches to play on, with unique ballparks for each team.

High Heat Major League Baseball 2002 will be the first Baseball title on the Game Boy Advance, and is due for release on July 20th at 34.99 - published by 3DO Europe.