Fancy yourself as a daring fire fighter battling blazes, or a heroic police officer chasing criminals? If so, and you own a Game Boy Color, then THQ might have the ideal game for you.

Matchbox racer puts you in the role of either a fire fighter or police officer, driving their matchbox cars around the Matchbox countryside. Ideally the game is suited to younger gamers, although anyone who has a fond memory of playing with Matchbox cars when they were younger will no doubt feel some attraction to this game.

screen screen

Gameplay involves you being either a fire fighter or police officer, racing to the emergencies, with each vehicle having different top speeds, handling, and capabilities.

Action takes place in "Matchbox Country", where amongst other things, you can get to dicsover the mysterious army base and the secret of the crashed UFO.

A total of 24 different missions are in the game, along with three arcade-style mini-games.

The title is due to be released on May 25th, for the Game Boy Color.