Cycling Manager might not instantly stand out as being the sort of game that you're going to be getting very excited about, but there's always a big crowd lining the route when ever I've watched it on the TV, so it would seem there's something to the sport which has a big appeal.


Gamers are put in the position of team manager, and get to run every aspect of a real cycling team, planning the tactics for the race, decide when to attack for the lead, take relays, and deal with events during the race such as riders falling, punctured tyres, and exhausted riders.

Stages take place in full 3D with multiple camera angles, and are very well detailed - so much so that it looks just like you were watching the Tour de France on EuroSport.

screen screen

Races take place in real time against the computer, or you can play against other real life players via a LAN or the internet in online single stage races, or a complete season - what's more, there's a huge number of cyclists available to manage, each with a unique personality and style, and in the online games you can make alliances with other team managers to counter opposing teams.

The game also features an advanced physiology, and racers suffer from fatigue depending on factors such as the wind, position in the pelaton, and what the weather is like.

Cycling Manager, published by Singularity Software, will be wearing the yellow jersey and racing on to the PC this October.