JoWood's Hotel Giant will bring the best features of games like The Sims, together with management aspects along the lines of Sim Tower crossed with Theme Park – placing you firmly in the role of hotel manager, where your skills are put to the test with the daily events of a world class hotel - grumpy customers 'n all.


Locations from around the world can be chosen for your dream hotel, including New York, Sydney, Paris and Las Vegas to name just a few of over 26 that are on offer. There's also more than 20 varied styles of hotel to pick from, providing enough variation to keep the interest levels high for a long time to come.

If the number of location and hotel choices isn't enough to get your management brain ticking, then there's also a whopping 600 moveable pieces which can be placed in your hotel, from beds to games machines, computers to tables, and everything that makes a hotel 5 star instead of a nasty B&B with naff lamp shades and peeling wallpaper.

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You get to control everything in an attempt to make your customers happy and enjoy their visit, from the design of the reception, and who you employ as the staff, to the rooms and decorations, right up to the penthouse suite.

The key is to make a nice hotel which your visitors will enjoy, and make their holidays one to remember for all the right reasons - to do this, you don't only need a decent hotel, but also friendly staff, and of course, they cost money, and need to be kept happy themselves - not easy when you've got a hotel and hundreds of guests to keep happy at the same time.

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If you do manage to become somewhat of a hotel tycoon though, you can open up other hotels around the world as part of your Hotel empire, and watch as the profits mount up, and the people go away with a smile on their face.

A "website creator" tool has also been included in the game, which should allow for a whole community of virtual-hoteliers to spring up on the web, giving you an opportunity to easily take shots of your luxurious hotel, and share both the photos and your knowledge with gamers from around the world.

JoWood's booked Hotel Giant in to the room with en-suite PC, from May 17th, and it's looking like it'll be making a long stay - we hope to bring a full review just as soon as we've unpacked our bags.

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