Megarace 3 is the third in the series of Megarace titles, and places you in the seat of a specially designed futuristic vehicle which are designed to adapt themselves to the track conditions.


Races take place across 33 circuits in eight real time 3D microscopic worlds, and feature commentaries of Lance Boyle, along with a cheering crowd who follow the action as the vessels tackle the tricky routes which are full of tight corners and shortcuts.

It's not just a race to the finish though, as there are 3 distinct play modes - speed, attack and defence - along with different races including solo race, capture the flag and duel mode, all of which are playable against other human competitors via a LAN or the internet.

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Each vessel has their own strengths and weaknesses, and can be personalised by the use of modular upgrades which become are available upon winning previous races, allowing for upgrades of the engine, battle armour and weapons.

Megarace 3 is due for release on March 29th 2002, priced at 19.99 for both the PC and PlayStation 2.