Most RPG's released at the moment seem to be aiming themselves solidly at the massively multiplayer market, but Morrowind is bucking that trend, taking the single player route instead.


In Elder Scrolls your quest is to rid Morrowind of a plague called the Blight - How you go about achieving this is left open to the gamer, and there are endless choices to make as the game unfolds.

The storyline is completely non-linear, which means you're not going to find a pre-defined storyline that has to be followed - so much so that developer of the game Bethesda is unable to give hints as to what the exact storyline is, as there's so many open ended options to choose from that the story will vary so much.

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Visuals are being overhauled from previous versions of the game, and will feature lush graphics and massive worlds, which are totally open-ended and offer over 200 hours of gameplay.

The game features a complex political system which affects the perception that they have of you and your actions - this further opens up more possible routes through the game, and will affect the path to successfully completing the quest.

Morrowind is due for release on the PC before the end of this year.