Building on the enormous success of their flight simulators, Microsoft hope to capture the hearts of train enthusiasts the world over.


Initially the idea of simply sitting in the cab of a train staring at track for miles and miles may not seem particularly involving, but when you consider the weight of the train behind you, things like stopping distances will test both skill and judgement, maybe more so than many other games or simulations.

Gameplay follows a number of scenarios, from shunting operations, to keeping to timetables, and even having to adjust driving styles to cope with changes in weather such as snow and rain.

screen screen

Train Simulator allows you to drive a number of trains, from the Flying Scotsman steaming it's way through English countryside, to an American BNSF freight train, right up to a state of the art Amtrak Acela train along the north east corridor of America. Routes have been accurately mapped, and include real buildings and structures which you would find along the route.

screen screen

Customisation has also been made a major feature, with tools such as a cab editor, and route editor which allow owners of the simulator to customise their own trains and routes, which can be shared with other Train Simulator owners.

Microsoft Train Simulator will be arriving on the the PC on July 20th. Buy Train Simulator from Amazon