After many years of waiting, Warcraft III is approaching completion. In the third game of the warcraft we yet again see the humans and orcs do battle in a medieval world, with two additional races - ancient night elves and the gruesome undead.


Warcraft III will be fourth RTS game blizzard have done (Warcraft, Warcraft II and Starcraft being the previous three) and will feature many new changes, including 3D graphics - the first time blizzard have done this in a real time strategy game.

The game will also have more of an emphasis on spells and tactics rather then huge armies, to allow for this the unit count will be set at around 90.

screen screen

In additional to the normal units, each race will have 3 hero units available to use. Each one will have different spells, and can collect items around the map by fighting neutral units (creep) some items heal units, other provide the heroes with more experience points.

Gameplay modes will include single player campaign, multiplayer options (up to 10 players) either through LAN, or the Internet on Blizzard's Battlenet servers.

Warcraft III is due for release on the PC during Summer 2002, published by Vivendi.