Whether you were a fan of Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon, or just like ruling the lives of virtual people who are under the thumb of your management skills, then JoWooD's upcoming management simulation Wildlife Park should appeal to you.


Gameplay revolves around twenty pre-defined missions, alongside a free style mode allowing you to simply practice your skills and make a pleasant wildlife park, and with all of the landscaping options available, you could find yourself spending a lot of time tweaking your park to make a dream creation.

There's an enormous number of items to pick from such as waterfalls, lakes, rivers and bridges, all of which allow you to mould your landscape in a number of climatic zones including the blistering heat of a desert style park or the lushness of the tropical rainforest - each of which have their own set of buildings and landscape items to really make your park look realistic.

screen screen

Of course no zoo would be complete without animals, and there's over fifty to choose from, with all the main creatures on offer, including mammals, reptiles, birds and sea animals. The developers seem to have gone to great lengths to ensure that there's a broad range available under each category, such as the choice of dolphins, seals, sharks and apparently even a massive whale!

Management is the main aim of Wildlife Park, much as it is with any simulation of this type, and it's the staff that you choose that will either make the park a roaring success, or leave you with no visitors and just the roar of your lions, so it's of great importance to pick your selection of staff from veterinary nurses, surgeons, animal demonstrators, and craftsmen to name just a few of the available workforce.

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In true empire building ways you'll have to push your staff to work hard at low wages in an attempt to make a profit from your park, and to help generate some all important revenue you can place money generating sources such as souvenir stands and shops (and the inevitable loos), and then go about setting the prices from something fairly reasonable to downright extortionate.

Balancing your funds, keeping the staff working, the animals happy, and the punters visiting could prove to be a bit of a juggling act, but once you get it going you'll end up with happy animals who will live in your carefully created surroundings, looked after by your staff, and watched by the loving public in a park that could rival some of the worlds biggest and best - if you get the balance right of course.

Wildlife Park is due for release from it's cage and out to perform to the crowds on the PC later this year, published by JoWooD.