Bloody Roar 3 is the latest release of the popular series of games which made their debut on the Playstation during 1998.

Returning from Hudsonsoft's widely-acclaimed PSone titles are Stun, Long and Jenny, each of whom brings a unique fighting skill to the arena - not to mention the ability to transform into a carnivorous alter ego.


The latest version sees the introduction of two new additions to the gameplay. Firstly the 3D worlds are now fully interactive, allowing combatants to hurl their opponents through walls.

Another addition is the all-new "Super Beast" mode, which doubles the ferocity of the Beast attacks for a limited time period.

screen screen

Players get awarded power for each kick and punch that they land on their opponent, and this is shown with the on-screen energy bar. As the bar fills, players can then morph their fighter into beasts such as lions and tigers to moles.

The morph mode also unlocks a secondary control system specifically designed with each creature's combat moves and appearance in mind. In effect, this offers players two distinct combat types within one game.

screen screen

From the screens that we have seen so far, the title looks as though it will be a visual treat for fight-loving PS2 owners, and we hope to have a full review soon, where we'll give you our full opinion on if it plays as good as it looks!

Bloody Roar 3 will be published by Virgin Interactive for PlayStation 2 in June 2001. Order Bloody Roar 3 from