Dark Native Apostle is set in a futuristic world, where scientists have perfected the altering of DNA to make the perfect human.


The game is a mixture of third-person action adventure and dark comic book.

Throughout the game you have to battle against reptiles, robots and even superhumans, and to progress further in the game a number of puzzles need to be solved.

A unique Biochip power-up system allows you to improve your characters abilities such as increasing the height of jumping, or the strength of explosions.

screen screen

Graphics are based in a 3D isometric world, but with 2D graphics for the characters in a roughly similar style to Jet Set Radio on the Dreamcast.

DNA is the first PlayStation 2 game to use such cel-shading effects, and they provide a comic book look and feel, and makes the title stand out from others in the action adventure genre of this style.

Dark Native Apostle is due for release by Virgin Interactive on the PlayStation 2 this July.