The aim of Rugrats Totally Angelica, is that players guide Angelica through lots of levels, competing in various mini-games in order to win prizes that include clothes, shoes, accessories and other dress-up items for the various fashion shows.

After collecting as many items as possible, enter Angelica into a fashion show where she will be judged on hairstyle, outfit, shoes, accessories, and make-up. The overall aim is to make Angelica "the prettiest, most beautiful kid in the whole universe!"


But in Angelica's typical troublesome three year old ways, she's prepared to do anything to get the other babies including Tommy, Phil & Lil, Chuckie and the newest Rugrat, Kimi, into playing by her rules.

Graphically the title looks crisp and clear, and definetly one that will keep Rugrats fans fascinated for hours as they work their way through puzzle, platform, and arcade style sections.

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Rugrats: Totally Angelica has been specifically designed and developed with girls in mind, and would definetly be more suited to younger gamers, but with Rugrats being one of the most popular cartoons on Nickelodeon, this would appear to be a very large number of potential gamers.

Totally Angelica is due for release by THQ for the PlayStation on June 22nd, and will retail at 19.99