The Dreamcast has only had one gun game released so far, and that was the arcade hit The House of the Dead 2 - luckily for everyone who bought the gun, they now have another title to take a shot at.


Taking the place of a secret agent in the Confidential Mission Force, or CMF for short, you are required to work your way through missions fighting against the terrorists.

Instead of rapid-fire shooting at anything that moves, you have to use your skill to get accuracy in your shots rather than simply rounding off bullets as fast as you can. One of the special shots which you will need to learn is that of the "justice shot" which requires you shooting the arm of the terrorist, and so rendering them weaponless.

Sadly though, the main part of the game is only over three missions - this means that unless you want to keep doing better, and improving your high score, you're not going to get endless hours on gameplay out of Confidential Mission.

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However, one part of the game where you will find many hours of gameplay is the Training Mode, which could have been a whole game in itself. Everything from the Justice Shot, to Timing, Combo Shots, to having to shoot only the bad guy and not the civilian - it's all there, and is great fun. I've spent longer playing the training mode than the rest of the main game, and still want to do more of the training - this part of the game is highly addictive.

In one player mode Confidential Mission is good - two player mode means that you can go through the game with a friend, but really that means you need two light guns for both players to enjoy it equally.

Graphics are clearly arcade style, and seem to be a cross between Virtua Cop and Die Hard Arcade. The backgrounds are very good, although the actual characters seem slightly flat and lifeless. Voices in the game are very cheesy, but it's a style, and doesn't lower the value of the game.

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If you already own the Dreamcast Light gun, or if Sega were to also offer this game bundled with their gun for a small additional price (such as they have with the House of the Dead), then it'd be a worthy addition to most Dreamcast owners collections. However if you don't already own a light gun, then the added cost to play what is quite a short lived game does seem a bit prohibitive.

Confidential Mission is a fun blaster, which will be loved by anyone who was wanting more than House of the Dead to play with their Dreamcast gun, but it could have lasted so much longer and also had a good plot to go with the secret agent theme.

Overall score: 6 out of 10
Publisher: Sega
Players: 2
Recommended Price: 29.99
Available: June 2001
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