Stunt GP is the second radio controlled car racing title on the Dreamcast, and caters more for the arcade style racing theme, with added stunts to allow extra points to be scored.


The first thing you'll notice when compared with Re-volt is that the cars aren't as twitchy, which is good if you want to be able to race without too much trouble but it does loose the feel somewhat of driving a radio controlled car - there's none of the over exaggerated steering, and the uncontrollability that the toy cars so often seem to have.

Also the cars seem to take corners better, as if they were real racing cars, instead of radio controlled cars which would probably see their back wheels step out and take the car into a spin - this does make it feel like you are driving a normal racer, instead of a real radio controlled car and this does loose the feel which Stunt GP is all about - I'd have preferred a slightly more realistic feel to the handling.

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The racing doesn't stand up to the same sort of thing as a serious racer like MSR, but it's not trying to be a serious racer, and achieves exactly what it sets out to be - a fun toy car racer - and manages to do this very well.

Tracks are well designed and varied. Some are quite basic, where as other incorporate features such as gaps which you have to jump, and vertical loops.

Performing stunts is quite easy once you get used to it - to start with I kept landing upside down, but after a few races managed to near enough perfect barrel rolls and back flips off of ramps

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The backgrounds of all the tracks are very impressive - there are big solid looking buildings which appear to be 3D, and things like speedboats move about on the water - this all adds to the detail, and makes it more fun to look at.

There's no pop-up in the graphics, and only occasionally does the camera go through the track side barriers, but not normally - only if you landed in an odd place or have taken a corner particularly badly.

The camera is one point which is worth a mention - at first I wasn't too keen on the way that it pulled out to a distant view every time the car jumped a ramp or performed a trick, and it all seemed very odd, but the more I've played, I've found that it's become natural, and not caused any problems.

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An assortment of cars from three classes of Wild Wheels, Speed Demon and Aeroblaster, the large number of tracks, plus all of the extra power packs, suspensions, and tyres that you can choose from, gives Stunt GP an extra edge, and provides a generous amount of gameplay as you work your way through each race unlocking further new tracks and features.

If you were a fan of Acclaim's Re-Volt, the you'll love Stunt GP - if you didn't like it because the cars were a bit tough to drive, or the gameplay was a bit lacking, then you'll be glad to know that Stunt GP doesn't suffer from these problems, and instead offers a very fun arcade style radio controlled racer with hours of gameplay.

Overall score: 8 out of 10
Publisher: EON Digital
Players: 1 to 4
Recommended Price: 19.99
Available: Now
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