Sega launched their Dreamcast console with the promise of allowing online gaming for up to 6 billion players, but sadly the number of games which have featured online play when they have got to Europe has been a bit on the low side. However, the ones that us European gamers do have, are all pretty much excellent, and Worms World Party is definitely one to champion the online gamers cause.


Worms World Party is very similar to Worms Armageddon, and if you already own the previous version, and have no plans whatsoever to go online, then you may as well stick with the old one - but for anyone with a bit of fun about them, you'll want to play the online version, and worm some unknown player that you've never met before.

Playing Worms is a matter of choosing a weapon for your team member to use, directing it where you want, and shooting, digging, or throwing the weapon, with the hope that it'll get the opposition, and knock down their health. There is a lot of skill and tactics to the way you play worms, but at the same time, it's all based on luck, or the lack of.

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One player is ok but a bit slow, and in truth the game has never been as good in one player as opposed to playing against a friend (or rival). The computer can also take a fair amount of time over it's moves, which is a bit annoying if you don't have a lot of time to spare, and are after a quick one player game.

Multiplayer is where the game comes into it's own though - playing other people all on the same console is good, and I can see many evenings with your best friends gathered around your DC, but online is also equally good, with the fact that you can send air attacks, hand grenades, cluster bombs, and bazookas at someone who you don't even know, and have the pleasure of seeing their worms get a total battering.


Graphics are the same as in Armageddon - they are clear and the expressions on the worms are funny, with plenty to look at. The theming helps to bring the quite basic graphics into a surreal world, with spoons, pencils and sweets among the many items dotted around each of the customisable levels.

Sounds are also excellent, fitting well with the atmosphere of the game, and there are some very witty comments from the worms just after they've been attacked by the opposition.

World Party just goes to further show that the gameplay behind the original Worms, albeit a good few years old now, is a winning combination - yes, the graphics might be basic compared with other multiplayer games, but it's pure fun all the time, and when played online there's not the lag which has hindered other online titles, which makes World Party a first choice for online gaming.

Simple but effective graphics and sounds, mixed with an ingenious style of gameplay, and the huge bonus of also being able to play online against other wormers. The most fun I've had playing online in ages, and it's worth buying a copy immediately, even if you do have Worms Armageddon already.

Overall score: 8 out of 10
Publisher: Titus/Virgin Interactive
Players: 1 to 4, plus online play.
Recommended Price: 19.99
Available: May 2001
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