Snood started life back in 1996, and instantly started a puzzle phenomenon which spanned the globe, with versions available on the PC, Mac and Palm.


Gameplay is along the same lines as the beehive game on Sky digital, and requires you to fire the snoods out of a cannon. When 3 matching titles are touching they'll fall down, bringing down anything below them.

However on a few of the early levels it's possible to fire as few as one or two snood's and find that you've completed the level, making it all feel a bit too easy. Luckily it doesn't stay like this, and each level becomes more complex and infuriating.

screen screen

Four modes of play are available including Time Attack where you get 50 levels of increasing difficulty all set against the clock. Other modes include Puzzle where you have to complete the level with a limited number of Snoods, and Classic where your given a level at random.

For complete novices to puzzle games, there's 5 difficulty settings to choose from, and if you start on the easiest then you should find there's plenty to challenge you as you work up to the 'evil' level. You can also play against a human opponent by linking up two GBA's.

screen screen

Colourful and bright graphics (as far as the GBA screen can be described as being bright) make Snood enjoyable to play, and it's not the sort of game to suffer from dark patches where you can't see what's going on.

The music is also jolly and suitable for the game, although you may find that after a while you'll want to turn the volume down as it does get very repetitive - ideal to annoy fellow car passengers on a long journey though, and if they can manage to prise your GBA out of your hands, they'll probably not mind the music after they start playing the actual game.

Snood's bright graphics, simple but effective gameplay, and the fact that it's got that 'pick up and play' aspect to it, means that the game will be a welcome addition to any GBA owner's collection, puzzle addict or not.

Overall score: 7 out of 10
Publisher: Digital Sales
Players: 2
Recommended Price: 34.99
Available: Now
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