Accessories are a booming business, and with the official products fetching quite a price, it can also be an expensive one for gamers. Luckily Wild Things have their own range, and the prices are extremely reasonable.

wildthings GBA accessories

Link Cables (items 1, 2 and 3)
Wild Things have several link cable options for the GBA, starting with the basic GBA 2 player lead which links two machines together, and has LED's showing when there is a connection.

The 4 player lead has each socket coloured differently (white, clear blue, purple and clear red) and allows four machines to connect, with a neat connection for all of the wires.

Finally there's a GBA Multi-tap, which consists of a "hub" which plugs in to the top of one GBA, and then has three silver leads going out to the other machines. LED's again show when there's a connection between each machine.

Games Cases (item 4)
Keeping your Game Boy Advance games safe and well protected from dust and damage is vital, and so the Wild Things cases come in useful for all GBA owners. They 5 cases come in grey, yellow, blue, pink and purple, each with the Wild Things logo on the front.

Lens protector (item 5)
Despite being both the smallest and cheapest item available in the Wild Things GBA range, the screen protector could be one of the most important when it comes to protecting your tiny screen from damage.

Light Magnifier (item 6)
Like playing your GBA in the dark, or for that matter in normal daylight? It's well known that the GBA's screen isn't the easiest to see, but luckily the Wild Things light magnifier can provide not only light, but also magnification to make the screen appear bigger. Comes supplied with batteries, so it won't drain the main unit batteries and won't reduce the amount of gameplay time.

Snap-on Skins (item 7)
Providing some variation for your GBA, the snap on skins come in a pack of three, with Gold, Silver, and a Glow in the Dark version. The covers simply clip on over the front of the machine.

Car Adaptor (item 8)
If you like to use your GBA on car journeys, and don't have shares in a battery manufacturer, then you'll want to get yourself a car adapter, which simply plugs in to the car cigar lighter socket. The unit also provides 10 hours of gameplay with it's rechargeable battery pack.

FM Radio (item 9)
One of the stranger products in the range is the FM Radio, which provides GBA owners with a way to listen to their favourite station whilst on the move, via the supplied earphones, which simply plug in to the radio.

Connecting up the radio, which is enclosed in a clear plastic casing, simply involves plugging the unit in the extension socket on the top of the GBA, and even includes a pass through port to allow multiplayer games to still function.

PVC Cover (item 10)
Another strange product, but one that could prove more useful than first thought is the PVC cover, which you place the GBA in to, and helps protect your machine. The supplied belt clip can also be attached so as you can carry the machine on your belt.

Cover with Controls (item 11)
If you find the GBA buttons too small, and want something a bit more like a joypad, then the Wild Thing Cover with Controls may be ideal. It snaps over the GBA, providing more to grip on to, and has a larger direction button, and also two more defined 'a' and 'b' buttons. The cover also provides good protection for the GBA screen, and flips up when in play to provide a good sun shield.

Carry Case (item 12)
A large carry case, made out of a tough material which will protect the contents well, and provides enough room for your Game Boy Advance, games and accessories. There's also a belt loop on the back so you can thread your belt through, and take your GBA with you in safety.

Overall a good range of accessories, and all available at reasonable prices. Particularly good are the 4 player link cable, Car adapter, and Carry Case, which provides plenty of room for the machine, games and accessories. The FM radio is also well worth a look if you like listening to the radio on the move.

Wild Things also have other items in their GBA range, including a Recharge station, Super charger pack, and a Mains adapter. Full accessories for other platforms are also available.

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Available: Now
Buy GBA accessories from the Wild Things website, or from your local computer games store.