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Having been a fan of the original Wave Race on the Nintendo 64, the chance to get my hands on Wave Race: Blue Storm seemed like an opportunity not to be missed.


From the moment you pick up the control you feel back at home with the original, the controls and the stunts feel as true to the original as they possibly could.

The game follows the same format as the original. Ride about on a jetski, racing opponents in a competition or trying to get all the points you can in a stunt-frenzy. There's also the ever familiar Time attack mode, and just in case its been a while since you played the original, or of course if this is your first encounter with Wave Race, there's a tutorial mode which helps you with anything from just keeping the craft going in a straight line, to backflips and handstands.

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To begin with you can choose from one of the games 8 characters, with the option to customise not only their racing colours but the acceleration and overall speed of their craft. Then there is the choice of game mode, from Championship Mode, Time Attack, Stunt mode or, if your a beginner, you can select Tutorial or free-roam to get used to some of the games courses.

Of course, there's always the multi-player mode, by far one of the games best features. Getting some mates round to join in is by far one of the greatest ways to enjoy blue storm. Championship mode is fairly straight forward, you have to compete in a number of races, finish in as high a position as possible in order to qualify for the final race in that championship and the chance to progress to the next round.


The second instalment of Wave Race brings a greater sense of realism, and also much more depth to the game. While the original game gave different weather settings, Blue Storm also has altering wave heights, which really do make an impact on how you approach the game.

One of the games strong points is the graphics. Making use of the Gamecube's graphics capabilities, the reflections in the water are something else - every splash is transferred onto the screen, giving you a greater sense of realism.

Overall score: 8 out of 10
Publisher: Nintendo
Players: 1 to 4
Recommended Price: 39.99
Available: Now
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