Hacking, firewalls, global corporate networks and logic bombs are all at the heart of Nokia's futuristic racer System Rush, which has a look and style spookily reminiscent of 80's film Tron and seems to be the N-Gage's answer to classic games like F-Zero and WipeOut.


Your aim is to preventing hacking by the rival hacker crews and you can only achieve this by finishing races in first place beating all the other Code Vehicles (CoVec's) to the finish line, at which point you progress on to the next event and trying to do exactly the same again on a total of five global networks which are set in various locations around the world - and feature wire-frame representations of famous landmarks such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge represented dotted around the tracks as you race them.

When you first start to play System Rush it's pretty likely all you'll do is crash your CoVec in to the walls which ring the tracks - control of the vehicles doesn't seem particularly easy when you first start off, although before long it does become fairy natural and you'll find that blazing around the tracks becomes possible, and if you're lucky it's possible to do so without even letting go of the accelerate button.


Unfortunately though this initial tough level of difficulty might put you off wanting to play for long enough to see what System Rush ultimately has on offer, because until you've mastered the racing the game can feel quite a chore at times, because you simply won't make progress. Thankfully though you can just move on to a different track and return to it later if you're having trouble with one specific circuit.

System Rush plays and feels very much like a classic old-style game that you would have found on a console back in the 1980's, not just due to the limited colour palette and basic 3D shapes but also the slightly contrived futuristic storyline which the game is based around, giving it quite a retro feel which actually adds to the enjoyment.


It feels as if the story is very central to the idea of the game throughout, but it does quite often seem as though the hacking aspect has been used as a bit of an excuse to make System Rush appeal more than just being a racer. It succeeds, but only if you're willing to believe it.

Whilst System Rush is an excellent and enjoyable game, it is just another racing game and when compared to the excellent Glimmerati it feels slightly average, which is a shame when you consider it's trying to do things completely differently and it's well worth checking out if the "hacker" theme appeals to you.

Overall score: 7 out of 10
Publisher: Nokia
Recommended Price: 24.99
Available: Now
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