Team 17's Worms series seems to have been around for a lifetime, with the first game released back in 1995 and numerous sequels following during the ten years since. Despite their age though, Worms still appear to be able to stand their ground against more modern titles.


Near enough everything is in the N-Gage version that you'd expect from the console or PC titles meaning it's instantly recognisable, with levels presented with the same graphical style as before, and the arsenal of weapons on offer is as big as you could ever wish for, including the well-known skunk, bazooka's, and exploding sheep.

The N-Gage version of Worms World Party boasts a few extra features over other formats - namely the ability for both the bluetooth-based two player gaming meaning you can play with a mate, or more impressively "online" using the N-Gage Arena where you can take on three other opponents.


Due to the turn-based nature of Worms it works well using the Arena and doesn't mean you need to rely on having a particularly fast GPRS connection, which is good if you live in a slightly poor signal area or are on the move where other games may well not function well at all.

Matchmaking helps to make sure you are playing against gamers who are going to put up a good fight against you and not prove a total walk-over, but at the same time aren't going to bazooka you to death within just a few turns, making the whole thing much fairer than simply dropping you in with some random players who might be massively better at Worms.


Worms is one of those gaming franchises which you either love or hate, but fans of the dastardly little wrigglers will be pleased to know that World Party makes an excellent transition from PC and Console game to the small screen of the N-Gage.

It's certainly nothing ground-breaking, and other N-Gage titles such as The Sims: Bustin' Out provide more longevity to the gameplay, but for a quick blast of enjoyment whilst on the move it certainly manages to provide enjoyment - and ultimately that's what Worms is all about.

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Overall score: 7 out of 10
Publisher: THQ Wireless
Recommended Price: 29.99
Available: Now
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