Arx Fatalis revolves around a complex fantasy world, with it's storyline set in medieval surroundings, and requiring plenty of skill to crack the puzzles and quests which your character finds on their path to destroying the secret cult of Akbaa.


First thing that you'll notice is that the game is a visual treat, and although not quite as impressive as some other RPG's, Arx's graphics are well detailed and there's an atmosphere about the whole game that makes you feel as though you're there, with the sound of dripping water and echoes which all work well with the dark and murky underground areas that you explore during your quest.

There's plenty of variation in the locations, which means the levels never really feel repetative, and there always seems to be plenty of routes to take, both in direction and also in the storyline.


One of our biggest criticisms of Arx Fatalis would be that if you go wrong near the start of your adventure, you'll simply find that you are taking the wrong path through the story, and never able to reach the end - luckily this problem has been fixed in a patch that you can download from the official website, which gives you an on-screen minimap.

Arx Fatalis does seem as though it could possibly be a bit too complex for gamers who aren't RPG addicts, and you'll need an understanding of the genre to really get the most out of the game, as the plot unfolds and you cast spells using magic which you get from collecting runes.


Arx's magic system has been really well thought out, and is quite possibly the most impressive we've seen in this sort of game for quite some time, requiring you to actually draw out the burning runes via the onscreen gesture based magic system.

Interaction with other characters is plentyful, and the voices are fairly impressive, and although they aren't syncronised with the mouth movements too well, they still manage to appear as though it's what the characters in the game are actually saying.

Despite there being nothing particularly new in Arx Fatalis from other RPG's, it does seem like the game has chosen to take the best features from the genre and build on them to provide the game that it is, and easily rivals the likes of Morrowind for gameplay.

Overall score: 7 out of 10
Publisher: JoWooD
Players: 1
Recommended Price: 29.99
Available: Now
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